AdAge Special Report: Twentysomethings

[originally ran here in the AdAge report on “Twentysomethings” in advertising]

Author: Jeff Zbar

Saneel Radia, 26

Young, bright and an avid videogame player. That’s a snapshot of Saneel Radia as well as his target audience.

Those are essential traits in his role as director-integration at Starcom MediaVest Group’s SMG Play division, overseeing product and brand integration into videogames. The job suits Mr. Radia’s passions as a gamer-he admits his new wife, Whitney, is a “gaming widow.”

His youth offers a double-edged sword. Mr. Radia is his target demographic, but the 26-year-old invariably is the youngest executive in any meeting, fighting for credibility.

Marketers like General Motors Corp.’s Pontiac don’t mind. A recent tactic involved Pontiac sponsoring a segment in Electronic Arts’ “NCAA Football.” In fact, Mr. Radia is driving marketers down new paths. “We’re trailblazing here,” he says. “Every single project we’ve done has been completely different from everything before it.”


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