Twitter Commandments

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This is such a dumb, bad post. I keep this now only to show how dumb I am. Also please note the use of “twitter” as a verb before “tweet” was in general usage.


 OK, those of you that know me know I consider myself a social sheriff of sorts. So, I took it upon myself to put together some commandments about how to use Twitter. It just felt like a place begging for some guidance.

Thou shalt not twitter about traffic:

Thou shalt not twitter about plane delays:

Thou shalt not send tweets saying you’re showing someone twitter:

Thou shalt not blame the link of Facebook and Twitter as an excuse to violate the commandments:

Thou shalt not have more than a 3-tweet reply (@username) conversation: (pick one)

Thou shalt not make your first tweet in over 90 days an angry tweet:

Thou shalt not only use twitter solely to drive traffic to your blog (less than 1 in 10 non-blog related tweets is a good sign you’ve sold out):

Thou shalt not twitter tv and movie spoilers:

Thou shalt not twitter about a social event not all your followers were invited to (and felt they should have been):

Why isn’t accidentally twittering instead of direct messaging on here? Because that’s like telling people a commandment of email is “thou shall not reply all when you don’t want to.” Which I would put on par with yelling “be careful” to someone who just fell down the (social) elevator shaft.


One thought on “Twitter Commandments

  1. Saneel Radia

    It’s funny looking back on this list 2 years later. I believe in all of them, but am on pace to violate one a year.


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