Why This Intern’s Homepage is Racist

Recently, writer intern David Shin made the same mistake so many coworkers have made before him. He bet against me. After David grew innaprioriately confident about his ping pong skills, we challenged each other to a 3-game series played in front of the agency.

The stakes: If I lose, David gets to rewrite my LinkedIn page for a month. If I win, I get to rewrite David’s portfolio homepage for a month.

I won. The image below is what people saw first while David was interviewing to land a job in the NYC ad industry (he wrote his own headline… cheater).


UPDATE: David ended up getting a few thousand views as a result. Somehow that stat makes us both feel like we won.

{David is currently freelancing at SS+K. If you’d like to hire him, you can find him here.} 


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