Young Glory: Help the #Occupy movement benefit from marketing

I was lucky enough to be invited to brief and judge the Young Glory awards. This unique program is about creative consistency and challenges those under 30 in marketing to answer 8 different briefs over 8 months from 8 different judges. I decided to ask them to help the Occupy movement benefit from marketing. I chose this brief not only because it was timely, but to make the teams think beyond communications (the word “marketing” is precice in that I didn’t want responses limited to advertising solutions). 

The responses were surprising. A number of themes emerged, from helping people protest digitally to official Occupy-approved badges for companies that complied. 

In the end, the gold medal winner was the recommendation to create a fully transparent, but not entirely democratic company.



Congrats Alan Jones on submitting the winning idea. You can see the full list of professional winners here, and the list of student winners here

Or view every entry here and tell me what brilliance I neglected.

Special thanks to Rafik Belmesk and Brendan Graham for inviting me to be a judge in a very unique experience.


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