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Agencies as Innovation Partners

I recently spoke at the Digiday Agency Summit in Austin, TX. These slides represent a 10-minute talk on how ad agencies can evolve to become “innovation partners” for their clients, an ambition often mentioned, but rarely executed successfully by an industry in the midst of incredible change and experimentation. 


Innovation vs. Creativity

I had the incredible opportunity to serve as Jury Chair of the Latvian Art Director’s Club annual “AdWards” show. I not only fell in love with Latvian hospitality, but with the unique creative energy running through the city of Riga. I haven’t participated in many ad events lately as I’ve been moving away from that world and into product development, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hold a post previously held by people like Stefan Sagmeister and Michael Conrad.

You can see the presentation video here:

Adwards2014 lectures day. Saneel Radia lecture “What innovation means for creatives” (ENG) from LADC_Adwards on Vimeo.

Or you can simply flip through the slides on your own here:

Social Media Week Presentation: Screw Earning Media, Start Earning Value


Click here to see the video of the presentation.

This morning, I had the privilege of co-presenting with Shaun Abrahamson, the CEO of Mutopo and fellow Berlin School of Creative Leadership graduate. We’ve been discussing how companies inspire their customers to give them so much more than a purchase. Today, we presented the culmination of thinking* both Mutopo and BBH Labs have been doing about this topic. It covers what can reasonably be earned from customers (media can feel trivial in comparison), and what ambitious companies are offering in return across various social media platforms. Just to prove we really get it, we made our entire presentation a collection of examples and case studies. Now that’s earning value, isn’t it?

Click the link above to watch a video of the presentation. The slides can be found here.


*Thanks to @jrafferty & @nalaisadog for their help with content and design, respectively


Lecturing at the Miami Ad School Innovation Bootcamp

I recently spent 3 days leading an Innovation Boot Camp at Miami Ad School in Florida. They ended up capturing and editing quite a bit of video. Below is a sample of 3 videos they’ve posted to their channel. You can see all the videos here. Man, I drop f-bombs way too often.


Saneel Radia #2 – Innovation from Miami Ad School on Vimeo.

Saneel Radia #3 – History of Ad Agency Structure from Miami Ad School on Vimeo.

Saneel Radia #7 – BBH Labs from Miami Ad School on Vimeo.

Miami Ad School presentation: Agencies Making Digital Products Should Co-create with Customers

Miami Ad School Brooklyn
20 Jay Street, home to Miami Ad School (photo credit: dumbonyc)

I recently spoke to Miami Ad School students in Brooklyn via Steve Peck, one of the creatives at BBH New York, who teaches a class on Digital Product Development. There’s been a clear shift toward digital product development at agencies in recent years and it seems to be the work we respect most of one another if award shows are any indication (and I’m not sure they are).

However, what I find most intriguing about the future of product development at agencies is the intersection with collaboration. I continue to believe that serving as a scaffolding for customers to engage with brands beyond transactions is a huge opportunity for agencies, and that we’ve only scratched the surface thus far. If agencies want to develop digital products (even when they are simply extensions or features of the analog products created by our clients) and customers want to co-create with brands, the opportunity is compounded. After all, creating digital things is what most collaboration tools at large are built to do. Looking at things from this perspective makes the future of agencies seem bright, especially when one witnesses first hand what students like those at Miami Ad School are capable of.

Below is a copy of my presentation (special thanks to Brian Moore, a Media Designer here at BBH that helped design it, and whose transitions are unfortunately lost via slideshare)

Planning-ness Brooklyn Presentation: Rethinking Media

I was asked to speak at Planning-ness in Brooklyn in September 2010. The specific request was to help planners rethink media. As I’m not qualified to do that, I instead asked them to help me rethink media outputs. I outlined the Media Design principles I harp about often, while citing examples from BBH New York (I begged forgiveness as I normally don’t cite our own work as examples, but didn’t have enough time to put together other ones). I then asked the planners in the room to use the work session period to help outline how they can get creatives to more consistently deliver media-minded work.

This is the presentation and outline of the work session challenge: